Our 4 (barrel) aged red wines from 2021! All these have been entirely or partially aged in French oak barrels for almost a year to gain further complexity, structure and balance and we are very pleased with the result. 

1: Teix; our Callet & this year; Grenache blend 

2: Sa Rateta; our pure Syrah

3: Randa; our pure Pinot Noir

4: Alfabía; our brand new beautiful Merlot & Syrah blend

These 4 young reds are guaranteed to make your winter months easier to get through. 

They are all ready to drink after resting for a week or two at your home having recovered from the bottling and travel. However; Alfabía and Teix shines as young wines right now, whereas especially Randa will gain further harmony after a bit of time in bottle. 

Please be prepared that this 2nd vintage of Randa is a very different wine than the 1st one and much closer to what we really want to do with our Pinot Noir in terms of freshness and elegance.