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Live the dream of being part of a winery and vineyards

Do you ever dream about being part of a winery and enjoy unique wines that you have been involved in making? As part of the BiniVista Family you get to live, taste and enjoy that very dream together with our community of passionate wine lovers. All based around our beautiful winery in the heartland of Mallorca

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Wine and much more

The magic of winemaking

As a member, you will get the opportunity to learn and get involved in the winemaking process. 

Experience the harvest in the vineyards, take part in the exciting winemaking process in the winery or sign up for winemaking courses and special tastings.

Online, you can follow the changing seasons and the work at the winery or access the Library to get updated on the many steps involved in winemaking – from cultivating the grapes to filling the bottles.

Share our passion

The wine, the winery and Mallorca create an extraordinary setting for unique and memorable experiences.

The menu will include art exhibitions, cycling experiences, cooking classes, events about Mallorca history and culture and many more adventures.

All events are great opportunities to meet new people and expand your network.

Clear ambitions

As a member of the BiniVista Family you will feel like a winery owner, gain the knowledge to be a winemaker - and get a family on Mallorca to share the joy with.


We are a family, not a society. So, look forward to bonding with other passionate and ambitious people.


You will feel like the proud owner of a winery and get unique insights into the whole process.


We will provide you with the knowledge to become a winemaker - and give you a Mallorca Family to share the joy with.


Share your passion for wine, food, cycling and art in the wonderful surroundings of Mallorca.

I love Mallorca and everything that comes with it. To me it is the perfect place to bring people together and share our passion for wine

— Founder, Søren Svenningsen

Exclusive for members

42 bottles a year

Our wines are exclusively made for our BiniVista Family members and you have to be a member to get them.

Every year you will receive 42 bottles representing a full selection of our grapes and wines, which for the moment amount to seven different wines. The six bottles of rosé, 12 whites, and 24 reds will provide you with a bottle for every occasion, mood, and dish.

As a BiniVista Family member, you only pay for the wine and have no other obligations – besides a promise to enjoy them.

"We want to produce structured, vibrant wines from the best fruits that nature gives us. Organic viticulture brings out the best in our vines and we dedicate a lot of time to pampering them. Having both native Mallorquin and selected International grape varieties, we can bring out the best potential from our unique terroir"

— Winemaker, Julia-Nora Lorenzen

Join our Family

No strings attached

BiniVista Family is a unique community for you who:

- Dream of being part of a winery
- Wish to be part of a journey into the world of wines
- Love quality wine with a special story
- Wants to experience the joy of creating something extraordinary

The yearly membership fee is EUR 1.000. The first half is paid in March when you receive the first wine package and the other half in September when you receive the second wine package. If you don’t appreciate the wine, you can return the wine and without losing your membership.

As a family member, you are always welcome to buy more wine as long as it is in stock.

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