Founding principles

When we decided to build the unique winery on Mallorca that we dreamed of, we also decided on some ground principles. We want to grow the best possible vines and not compromise on anything in the vineyards – no matter the costs – and design a winery with the best equipment available to help us produce wine of a very high quality. And of course, our ambition is to make the best vines and wines in the world.

Our first wines

We made some good choices when it came to preparing our soil, planting the vines, designing the vineyards as well as the irrigation system. Because already in our second year we harvested 10,000 kg of quality grapes and made three nice wines.

The project was accelerated

This was a surprise for us as we had not expected to make wines before 2021. Therefore, we had to accelerate the project, and we decided to establish a temporary winery in the old buildings in the middle of the vineyards. We wanted to preserve the atmosphere and the buildings were restored in accordance with the old Mallorcan style


The temporary winery

Now, we have a temporary winery of more than 700 square metres. Prior to this year’s harvest the winery was equipped with modern machinery as well as quality wine tanks from Germany with a capacity of 40,000 litres of wines. This was a very good decision, because this year we harvested 45,000 kg of quality grapes.

The new winery

As we expect to produce more than 150,000 bottles of wines, we have from the very start planned to build a state of the art winery located in the heart of our vineyard. We expect the winery to be ready for our 2022 harvest. It will be around 4,000 square metres and designed to make wines of the highest quality. As in the vineyards, only the best is good enough. We expect to start the building process at the end of this year.

The design of the winery

The winery is designed in close cooperation with Alfatec (Ingenieria Consuloria), one of the world’s best and largest engineering companies in the wine sector. The design, infrastructure and distribution in the winery is essential to preserving the quality of the grapes and producing high-quality wines. Besides processing area and tanks, the winery includes modern facilities for the maturation of the wines in oak barrels and bottles as well as our own bottling facilities.

Capacity of 250.000 liters of wines

When the new winery is ready, it will have a capacity of at least 250,000 liters of wine. Plus, plenty of space for storage of the expected production of around 150,000 bottles.

Fantastic hospitality areas for visits and events

We will also create fantastic hospitality areas for visits and events, and there will be two big terraces on top of the winery overlooking the vineyards and the beautiful mountains of Sierra de la Tramuntana. This is the reason we are BiniVista – the home of the view. We’re looking forward to hosting great events for our family members in the future.

You can follow the progress on the new winery in our journal.