How passion turns into a winery

Many great ideas are born out of passion, and Bodega BiniVista is no exception. In 2017 Danish entrepreneur Søren Svenningsen got the idea of creating a unique winery on Mallorca, and the same year Bodega BiniVista was founded. Since then we have worked very hard to make the dream come true, and have purchased approximately 30 hectares of prime land area – a part of the famous Vi de la Terra Mallorca that’s situated in the heart of the largest wine region on Mallorca. This gives us amazing potential for producing some truly great wines.


26 hectares of vineyards

We planted the first 21 hectares of vines in March 2018, and in 2020 we have added another 5 hectares, increasing the total vineyard surface area to today’s 26 hectares.

The Wine Family

Our vision is to become the most innovative and distinguished wine club in the world. Centered around our supreme quality wine estate, we want to create a wine club based on the concept of a family – BiniVista Family. Our goal is to offer unique experiences and give family members the opportunity to join our journey as we create a winery in one of the most beautiful places in the world. While getting insights into the winemaking process and access to extraordinary wine.


Best grapes and vines

From the very start of the project we did a manifest agreeing not to compromise when creating the vineyards and growing only the best grapes possible in order to produce a diverse range of high-quality organic wines. By optimising both the potential and quality of our land and grapevines, we aim to craft outstanding wines that are easy to drink and enjoy.

Courage, passion, determination – and a lot of hard work.

Our key values are honesty, loyalty, responsibility, transparency, innovation, authenticity and best practice performance in every aspect of both our business and in relation to the local community, employees, business partners and of course our family members. We will achieve all of this with courage, passion, determination - and a lot of good, old fashioned hard work.

The Team

From the start of the project Søren decided to involve the two local Mallorcans, Joan Horrach and Jaume Fullana, as partners. In 2019, Marie Von Ahm, a fellow Dane based in Barcelona, also joined the BiniVista team as a partner.

Søren Svenningsen

Søren has been a succesful serial entrepreneur for years. Now he devotes all his energy and passion to creating a unique winery and establishing the BiniVista Family.

Søren originally graduated as a lawyer, but in 1993 he decided to set out on different entrepreneurial adventures. He started multiple companies in various industries, including wine, recycling of glass, software and hardware, digital signage, medical equipment and software, property development and (not surprisingly) a pro-cycling team.

Søren started the BiniVista project back in 2016. Just two years later, he decided to dedicate all of his time to the project. Søren has frequently visited Mallorca over the past 40 years and fell in love with the island many years ago. He has also cycled around Mallorca every year for the past 25 years and has had a house on the island since 2010. Besides his family, Søren’s greatest passions are cycling, art and wine.

Søren is 59 years old and has three children.

Julia-Nora Lorenzen

In August 2021, Julia came to Binivista as wine-making oenologist and vinyard manager.  Crafting in a traditional manner, she supports the vines to bring out their best of the respective variety without pushing them in a particular direction. As little as possible she intervenes in the ecological system of the vineyards, so that the wines reflect the terroir of Majorca and as she says: Let the wine be instead of making it!

Julia avoids using artificial fertilizer and pesticides – the vines should be able to feed by themselves and (re)activate natural defenses. With her extensive experience and her fine sense, Julia is side by side with the plants. 

And finally, when the wines have to attain maturity, Julia shows a great patience.

After completing a 3 years professional training for vintners followed by a 4 years oenology studies in Germany, Julia made wines in Austria, Switzerland and Canada. Since 2014 she has been working on the island of Majorca.

She is 45 and has two teenage kids.

Joan Horrach

Everybody on Mallorca knows Joan and Joan knows every corner of Mallorca. Joan was born in Deia, Mallorca in 1974, and in 2009 he moved to Biniali in the middle of the wine lands of Mallorca, close to the BiniVista winery. Joan has been a professional road cyclist for over 14 years as part of some of the best World Tour teams in the world, and he has participated in 16 Grand Tours.

Since retiring as a professional rider, he has been doing guided bike tours on Mallorca. It was through these tours Joan met Søren. Joan has been part of BiniVista since the very start and is now a partner.

Joan is married to Joana and they have a daughter.

Marie Von Ahm

When it comes to building up our wine family, Marie is the very best. She is a specialist marketing and sales entrepreneur with great experience from start-up wine businesses, international distribution and media management. Marie has an insatiable passion for wine and entrepreneurship, and she is also a partner in BiniVista.

Marie’s unique skills include critical wine tasting, new product development, brand marketing, business development, education and management, and she also has a WSET Diploma qualification.

Previously, Marie has created unique wine club concepts all around the world, and she has a vast network within the world of wine. Marie has worked alongside wine critic James Suckling and also been a part of the prestigious Grand Jury Européen.

Joan Lluís Bibiloni Compan

Bibi was born in Consell in 1983, next to vineyards in the center of Mallorca. His family had a small plot of land with vineyards and made wine for family consumption in Son Palou, where he would have liked to contribute and work with his grandparents. But at least they decided to stop because of a change of cultivation.

In the village it was a tradition that young people went to work in the vineyards and winery of Ca'n Ribas during the summer and there began his future in the world of viticulture. With university studies in Pedagogy he decided not to practice and to dedicate himself to what he liked "to elaborate and to know the process of the wine".

Now with studies in viticulture and enology he loves to learn and progress in all aspects of the wine making process and with an experience of 15 years in different wineries in Mallorca.


  1. Signed contract regarding building Finca on the Merlot plot

    We signed the contract for building our first Finca in the middle of the vineyards.

     Signed contract regarding building Finca on the Merlot plot.
  2. License to build new winery

  3. Harvest 2020 ended with the Gorgolassa grape

  4. Pressing grapes in our Bucher press for the first time – sauvignon blanc and viognier grapes.

  5. Receiving and installation of wine tanks from Germany

  6. Processing our own grapes for the first time at BiniVista

  7. Starting the harvest of 2020 – the first grape was Pinot Noir

  8. Receiving and installation of machinery of processing the grapes

  9. Installation of first wine tanks

  10. The rebuild and restore of the old bodega finished

  11. Planting another 5 HA of vines.

  12. Introducing our first 3 wines

  13. Bottling our first wine

  14. Did our first blend of red wine – Garnacha and Merlot

  15. Harvesting for the first-time red grapes

  16. Harvesting for the first-time white grapes

  17. Introducing our originally logo

  18. Starting to restore the old building

  19. The name BiniVista registered

  20. Planting 20 HA of vines

  21. Purchase of winery plot with water-well

  22. Deciding to do a winery

  23. Purchase our first piece of land (plot 299)