A year at BiniVista


Time to rest.

After some hectic and important months of work, the culmination of a whole year’s hard labour in vineyards and winery, it’s time to rest. Our vines outside go to sleep in the beginning of the cooler season. Our wines inside rest and find harmony in their cylindric steel or wooden homes, while we humans take a much-needed moment to reflect, plan and yes, also rest.
Then it all starts again outside as well as inside – the never-ending story and circle of wine. We need to get the vines ready for a new year with the essential winter pruning, and in the cellar we start getting the first wines from the previous year ready for bottling. This is a moment of change.


The spring is the beginning of it all

Our vines awaken after their winter beauty sleep, freshly pruned and ready for a new year. As the temperature rises, we start seeing the first buds form and quickly thereafter burst, and the first leaves form.
This is always a magical moment as it marks the beginning of a new vintage. The new shoots grow fast, so we spend a lot of time making sure the shoots are properly trained and the plants are in perfect shape for the flowering.
The spring is also the time when we plant new vineyards, if needed, and replace less happy vines in our existing vineyards.


A beautiful time with a lot of hard work

The summer is always a beautiful and hectic time. It starts quietly with our grapes taking shape, changing colour and ripening, while we can just watch and take care that all happens as perfectly as possible. We carefully nurse our plants and make sure that the leaves provide shade for the grapes and that our vines are healthy.
Then the most stressful and happy time of the year arrives; the harvest. Timing varies from year to year, but it always marks the change of seasons from summer to fall.
We all work hard to harvest the fruit of a whole year’s hard work and this is always a very special moment. The activities continue from vineyard into the cellar where all our grapes are processed and magically turned into wine.


Activities continue indoors

In the beginning of autumn, we slowly move inside together with the fruit from our vines. This is when we turn grapes (not water) into wine and for the first time start tasting the result of all our hard work outside.
We work gently to preserve the beauty of our fruit. To transform what nature has given us into a beautiful drink that will accompany many happy moments of sharing and joy for all members of our BiniVista Family.
This is also a season of decisions. Which wines do we want to make? We taste the grapes, the first juice and let creativity flow
The winery is buzzing with activity. Fermentations are happily bubbling along and the young wines continue their unique paths via rackings and malolactic fermentations into oak barrels or stay in their steel tanks.