1. There are basically no obligations associated with the membership (BiniVista Family).
  2. In order to maintain the membership, however, you are obliged to regularly purchase the 2 annual wine packages for a total price of EUR 1,000.
  3. The annual wine package consists of a minimum of 42 wines (7 different wines - 1 rosé, 2 white and 4 red wines).
  4. The wine packages are delivered in March / April (4 wines) and in October/November (3 wines).
  5. In connection with ordering the wine package, members can order additional wines if these are in stock. The price for these wines is EUR 150 per box with 6 wines.
  6. Prior to delivery of the 1st wine package, EUR 500 will be charged, and prior to delivery of the 2nd wine package, the remaining EUR 500 will be charged - and possibly additional purchases, cf. 5.
  7. The wine packages are delivered free of charge and including all taxes in Denmark and Mallorca, and it is a condition of membership that the wine can be delivered either in Denmark or in Mallorca.
  8. Up to 7 days after delivery, members have the right to return wines against payment of shipping to a designated warehouse in Denmark or Mallorca.
  9. When holding events, an amount corresponding to the cost price is charged - a number of events will, however, be free.
  10. If you want a business membership, an annual fee of EUR 1,000 + VAT will be charged on 15 January for the year in question.
  11. The business members also received 2 annual wine packages of 42 wines, cf. 3.
  12. The business membership must be terminated no later than 31/12 with effect for the following year.
  13. The membership fee is fixed but can be regulated for inflation.
  14. The membership is non-transferable.