Do I become a co-owner of a winery: No you do not. You have no obligations other than to regularly buy the wine packages, and otherwise enjoy the travels and the many good wines.

Are there other obligations besides paying for ordered wine packages: In short: No.

Can I return the wine I receive: Yes, against paying for shipping to a designated warehouse in Denmark.

Can I make my very own wine: Not yet but this will be possible at some point.

Do I pay for events: Many events are free, but if the event includes, for example, wine tasting, serving food, etc. an amount corresponding to our cost price may be charged.

Can I stay at the winery: No - however, we can always be helpful in designating the accommodation options near the winery.

Can I always just get visit the vineyard: Yes, but in order to be able to receive you in the best possible way, we recommend that you arrange a visit time well in advance.

If only the registered person is a BiniVista Family member: No, the membership includes your entire close family.

Can I also have wine delivered to my holiday home in Mallorca: Yes and delivery is at no extra cost in addition to the wine price (minimum delivery is 6 bottles).

What does the wine package consist of: The wine package basically consists of a minimum of 7 different wines, 42 bottles in total, ie a box of each wine. The wine package is delivered in 2 installments. The first part in March / April and the second part in October/November.

When do I pay the fee of EUR 1,000: Membership fee is charged prior to delivery of the 2 wine packages, and thus with EUR 500 upon delivery of the 1st wine package in March / April and EUR 500 prior to delivery of the 2nd wine package in October/Nomember. The business membership is charged in January for the whole year.

What if I only want some of the wine: The starting point is that you as a BiniVista Family member are obliged to buy all the offered 7 wines the yearly wine package consists of. For special requests you can send an inquiry to

Can I order more wines than the wine packages: You can order extra wine as long as these are in stock and available on the website.

May I recommend BiniVista Family to good friends: Yes you are more than welcome to invite good friends to join BiniVista Family - you can send this to link: and

May I take good friends on a visit to the vineyard: Yes, of course you can. However, events and other events are basically only for BiniVista Family members.

Do I have to be a wine expert to become a member of the BiniVista Family: No by no means – you ony have to like good wine and are curious to learn.

Can I change the language on the website: Yes you can switch between English and Danish in the bottom right corner of the website.