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Everybody is welcome in the BiniVista Family!
We have no conditions or rules - the only requirement is that you love Mallorca, good company, and wine.

Summing Up

BiniVista Family is a unique community for you who

  • Dream of being part of a winery
  • Wish to be part of a journey into the world of wines
  • Love quality wine with a special story
  • Wants to experience the joy of creating something extraordinary

The yearly membership fee is EUR 1.000. The first half is paid in Spring when you receive the first wine package and the other half in Autumn when you receive the second wine package. If you don’t appreciate the wine, you can return it free of charge and without losing your membership.

As a family member, you are always welcome to buy more wine as long as it is in stock.

Feel like a winery owner

As a member of our BiniVista Family you get to live the dream of being part of a winery. This is more than an opportunity to purchase outstanding wine. It’s a chance to learn the story behind the wine and join our journey into the world of wine.

Follow the life at the winery

We want you to be part of our story and our future. We want you to know and share our values and to be a proud member of our BiniVista Family.

To achieve this, we have created an ambitious wine community, the BiniVista Family. Through our family community we will offer you unique experiences centered around our vineyard estate on Mallorca. Here, you will get the chance to be close to the daily life on the winery. We will show you what we’re doing and tell you why we’re doing it.

Join us from the very beginning

We still have a lot of work ahead of us. You have the opportunity to be part of a special community from the beginning.

Get access to our wines

Our Wines are exclusively made for our family members and you have to be a member to get them. You will only pay for what you get, and you have no other obligations – besides a promise to enjoy them.

42 bottles of quality wines

Every year you will receive 42 bottles representing a full selection of our grapes and wines, which for the moment amount to seven different wines. The 6 bottles of rosé, 12 whites, and 24 reds will provide you with a bottle for every occasion, mood, and dish.

Furthermore, you will receive a welcome package, and the membership also includes one yearly tasting.

The membership fee is EUR 1,000 per year. Half is paid in Spring when you receive the first wine package and the other half in Autumn when you receive the second wine package. The price includes all taxes, VAT and delivery to your doorstep in either Denmark or Mallorca. As a family member you can always buy more wines (if available) for EUR 25 a bottle.

What you get as a member

High quality wine will always be our main product and top priority.

We will involve family members as much as possible in the winemaking process. You will get insight into the process and the many different steps – from cultivating the grapes to the filling of the bottles.

You will also get access to exclusive experiences within wine education, winemaking courses, tastings, events in the winery, art exhibitions, cycling experiences, cooking classes, Mallorca culture and many more.

More to come in the future

We have many ideas on how to the develop and expand the concept in the future.

  • You will get the chance to blend your own wine together with other members - BiniVista Family Wine.
  • In 2023 we will start a Winemaker Programme. We will invite a recognised winemaker to do wine at BiniVista and make a special wine for our family members
  • We also plan to introduce a Private Winemaker programme where you get to make your own unique wine. Choosing the grapes, doing the blend and deciding the name, label and type of bottle – a wine only available for you - .
  • Furthermore, we’re also planning a Family  House membership that gives you even more value and opportunities. We’re currently building five houses in the middle of the vineyards, and these houses can be part of this membership. The first house will be ready early 2022.


Our first big event will be the Grand Opening and inauguration of our new winery. Mark September 24th 2022 in your agenda and stay tuned for much more.

We will continuously announce new events on both Mallorca and in Denmark and as member you will receive invites via email.


Our founder Søren and partner Joan are both dedicated cyclists, and we will arrange social bike rides on the island and invite special guests to join us (e.g. pro riders or former pro riders) BiniVista Cycling. This June (2022) we also organised our very first race (Gran Fondo) starting and ending at the winery.

Furthermore, we will open a BiniVista Clubhouse for bike riders. A place where family members can enjoy a cup of coffee and meet other riders. It will also be possible to store your bike and get bike service at the clubhouse.


In the coming years we will start inviting upcoming and established artists to stay at the winery and do exhibitions and create special wine-labels for us - BiniVista Art Labels.


Our wines deserve great company. So we will invite notable cooks to stay at the winery and create special dishes for each of our wines and inspire our family members.


In the future we also plan to cooperate with recognised restaurants in Denmark and on Mallorca to create special wines which are exclusively sold in the restaurants and to Family members - BiniVista Restaurant Wine.

A great way to network

We will do our very best to create a genuine family feeling. We expect to end up being around 2,000 family members who all share some of the same interests and passions. The BiniVista Family is an opportunity to be part of a great network based on all the joy and excitement we will provide - the BiniVista Family Network.