When we decide that our wines are ready, at least to move from a bigger vessel to a smaller one, we start bottling. This is one of the last steps in the very long and complex process from vine plant to wine glass. Somehow, it’s also the beginning of a new life for the wine.

For our first couple of vintages that we processed and matured in our smaller temporary winery, we have been forced to depend on an external bottling line, as we did not have room inside for our own. Basically a truck containing all the equipment drives up in front of the cellar, connects a tube to the tank containing the wine to be bottled and the machinery on the truck does the whole thing! Sort of... Carefully supervised and fed with material by the team that is making sure all goes according to plan... And there are always surprises!

This kind of bottling is always challenging and sometimes not perfect and for our wines only the best is good enough, so we are overjoyed to finally get our very own and highly sophisticated bottling line installed in our new cellar for the next upcoming bottlings. This will ensure the utmost cleanliness and precision during bottling and enable us to protect our beautiful wines to perfection throughout this important step of their life. 

Once bottled, the wine keeps maturing. The natural corks contain a certain amount of oxygen thats slowly released into the wine. It also releases natural flavour compounds that interact with the wine ever so delicately. Both add to the development and shape of the wine and make it smoother and more complex.

This is a process that takes time, hence us keeping some wines at the cellar after bottling in order for them to reach our family members at the perfect time.

Other wines, especially our fruit-driven whites and rosés, are released immediately after bottling as we love their virgin-like freshness and untouched natural beauty.

We use different bottle shapes for different wines to hint at our stylistic ideas and goals for each wine. We always use the best quality natural cork as natural cork and wine form a symbiosis. It's also important to us to protect Mother Earth, and knowing that each cork stopper is capable of retaining up to 112 grams of CO2 makes us sleep better at night.