The temperature is essential

During this process, the tanks are initially cooled down to 12 degrees to help the must settle and do a cold precipitation. Then we let the whites and rosé wines ferment at around 16 degrees and the reds at 27 degrees for about 15 days. After a few days we rack the white wines to separate them from the dirt now safely resting at the bottom of the tanks.

Mother Nature decides

However, were dealing with Mother Nature here so if a given wine in a given year decides to go a bit slower or faster, we trust that it knows best itself and dont try to oppose too much.

Note that we use cultured yeast in order to ensure a picture-perfect fermentation.

Malolactic fermentation

Then comes the malolactic fermentation. This is beautiful love affair between the wine and a friendly bacteria that changes the harsh, malic acidy into a softer, lactic acidity and makes the wines smoother and rounder. We let this happen to all wines, except our fresh and vibrant whites that stay in steel tanks until they are bottled.