The star of our native white varieties. Giró Blanc had become practically extinct on the island, but is generating a lot of excitement recently amongst fellow winemakers who believe it has great potential – just like we do.

When you look at the pictures you'll see that it's not really "white/green" but quite multi-coloured! The local word "Roz" means red or reddish in Mallorquin and thus matches the color the skins turn when they fully ripen. We are super excited about our Giró Blanc and it's growing up quite fast and beautifully. The grapes harvested in the 2022 vintage are just perfect!

This year we brought in 6932 kg on August 6th and processed them on the 7th and 8th... It was a marvellous sight to see so incredibly healthy grapes come in. Very little sorting was needed and just tasting the grapes put a BIG smile on our faces! Cannot wait to see what wine comes out of those beauties! 

Giró Blanc buds quite early, ripens relatively late and quickly drops its acidity if harvested too late. So in this case we are super attentive to following the ripening so that we can pick at optimal ripeness levels. Giró Blanc is quite aromatic and offers a wide range of flavours, from green fruits such as pear and ripe apple to stone fruits and even tropical fruits such as pineapple in warmer vintages. When harvested at optimal ripeness it has a medium acidity, medium-high alcohol and noticeable power for a white wine. 

Nerd facts; the variety is called Giró Blanc, but mutations have given rise to considerable variation in berry color, hence the synonym Giró Roz that's widely used on Mallorca

Giro Blanc is not a color mutation of Garnacha, called Giró or Gironet on the island. Similarly, comparison of the DNA profiles of the Giró found on Sardegna and Giró Blanc from Mallorca shows that they are two very district varieties and not in close relation whatsoever!