Grafting is the process of combining the upper part of the chosen vine plant, e.g. Grenache, with the rootstock.

This can be done either at the plant nursery before the plants are delivered or in-situ in the vineyard.

At Binivista we always prefer to first plant the rootstock and then a year later grafting in-situ. By doing it this way we give the plant a whole year to focus on developing strong roots. Just like when building a house, a strong fundament is important! 

When we then decide which grape variety to graft onto the rootstock we use plant material from our own vineyards. Basically we cut off scions from our existing vineyards and graft those onto the now 1 year old rootstock. 

It's a very laboursome and difficult process, but we believe that we get stronger and healthier plants this way. Plus; by using scions from our own vineyards we keep the same genetic material and clonal selection.