Carefully nursing our plants

At this time of the year we spend a lot of time making sure our vines have the perfect number of shoots and leaves. The leaves are the engine of the plant and generate all the energy needed for both the vine and its grapes via photosynthesis.

Balanced growth

We strip off the surplus leaves and shoots in order to ensure a balanced growth and distribution of energy between plant and fruit. Here, were very careful not to strip too much as we want to provide enough shade for our grapes to avoid them getting sun burned.

Already from when the plants are babies we form them and select either 1 or 2 arms that they then will generate new shoots from the rest of their life. This is almost like "kindergarden" for vines :-) Then each year in May-June we select the shoots to a desired amount and also break off the wild shoots growing out from the trunk. This is a highly individual work carried out by hand for each plant by Julia and her team of dedicated vineyard workers. There is no "recipe" that works for all plants as it depends highly on the strength of each plant. In total, about 50-80% of all shoots are removed. This provides light and ventilation and regulates the yield and thus gives us a perfect amount of super healthy grapes that we can turn into great wine later in the year!