You might think that the only way to "pair" your wine is with food, but that is not the entire truth... Sometimes the people, the occasion and the place are even more crucial in creating the best experience and context for the enjoyment of a wine. Another thing that vastly influences your perception and enjoyment of a wine is music!

Just imagine trying to enjoy a soft, mellow and elegant red wine while listning to some hardcore techno... Doesn't sound right, agreed?

Our senses all work together to create one total sensoric experience or "picture"in our mind and thus, what we listen to is also very important. A wine has a rhythm, an energy, a personality and a cadence, just like music and when you find the right music for your wine you can truly enhance the drinking experience. We have started creating playlists for our wines following these guidelines and you can find the first under the recommendations for our 2021 Sa Rateta.