The organic way is the only real option for us and we just finally (spring 2023) got the official approval from the EU are can now proudly add the "green leaf" to our wines! 

We believe that Mother Nature gives us the best quality of grapes if we work with her and not against her.

We HATE chemicals as they disturb nature's own balance and biodiversity so we shy away from pesticides, herbicides or other ugly things that conventional farmers may use in their vineyards.

It's a lot of hard work and we focus on preventing diseases and pests from attacking our vines instead of having to treat them. Often that can be too late. We work with organically approved products and also Mother Nature herself to ensure that our own small universe, the eco-system of BiniVista, remains in balance.


For rules applying to organic viticulture in the EU, have a closer look here:


By the way, organic doesn’t imply that the wine does not contain additives. We are allowed to use certain natural things like yeast and egg whites for clarification e.g.