You have for sure have noticed the degree number on our labels and maybe also the picture below of the different mountains from which our wines take their names, but why the number, how is it related to the mountain and why did we chose that particular mountain for each wine?

The number is very simply the degree on a compass at which you'll find the  mountain from the estate of Binivista. Imagine you stand at the top of the building and enjoy the magnificent view that made us call the property for "Binivista"; literally "home of the (good) view", and look out at a 157° angle ... There you will see the mountain peak of Randa. (The full name of the wine is: 157° Randa 540m)

There are several reasons that together made us chose to use the mountains as names for our wines. One is, that they form part of our magical view, well basically they ARE our view, and somehow a part of our DNA! Another reason was Søren's love for cycling and in particular up and around all these peaks on the island. 

When we chose what mountain to "pair" with which wine, we did not only think about the shape of the mountain, but also it's "soul" or purpose. Just like our wines are all made with a specific purpose in mind, each of the peaks we chose have something special and unique. Some are dramatic and torn by the wind. Some are green and lush and used for hikes and family excursions on weekends and yet others are decked with antennas and thus, serve to connect us. 

If you have been with us since the beginning, you might remember that for the first vintages we also had the name of the mountain and not only the degree on the front label. However, the authorities are not entirely happy with us using the names of the mountains on our wines for who knows what reason! So, as long as we are not 100% sure what we may and may not put on there legally, we only have the number on the front label. But if you scan the QR code on the back label you will get the full explanation... Also about the mountain!