Hated by many, loved by many, in particularly by us. We believe that Sauvignon Blanc just needs a bit more sun and relaxed island life to bring out its charm and winning personality.

Sauvignon Blanc originates from Bordeaux and Loire, France, but it’s widely planted in many of France's wine-growing regions and also around the rest of world. It's particularly popular in New Zealand where it's responsible for some marvellous wines from Marlborough in particular. It reflects its terroir and climate transparently and when grown in cold climates it produces crisp, dry, minerally and refreshing whites. In warmer climates like ours at Mallorca it shows more body and tropical fruit but always keeps its refreshing acidity.

We love using Sauvignon Blanc in our blends, in particular together with Viognier as in Tomir, where it's vibrant acidity and exuberant crisp fruit truly adds in some oomph. 

Typical aromas of Sauvignon Blanc ranges from lime, green apple, passionfruit and green mango when grown in warmer climates and notes like grass, elderflower and even "cat pee" when grown in cool climates. That very particular last aroma is why a lot of people stray away from the variety. 

No matter the climate it always have a bright and zesty acidity and adds in life and energy to our wines.


Fun fact: Sauvignon Blanc is one of the parents to Cabernet Sauvignon – the other is Cabernet Franc.