In Mallorca, most of the time can be spent under the open sky, and our many large terraces invite you to enjoy and socialize - we therefore want to welcome our BiniVista Family members in cozy and comfortable surroundings, and that is why we entered into a partnership with LifeStyleGarden outdoor furniture (ScanCome) in Palma.

In addition to LifeStyleGarden furnished all our cozy terraces, we have entered into an agreement that our BiniVista Family members get 25% when purchasing outdoor furniture from LifeStyleGarden in Palma. When purchasing, you just have to mention that you are a BVF member.

If you want to try out or see the furniture that we have chosen, you are always welcome to stop by the winery.

You can read more at: LIFESTYLEGARDEN 

And see the range here:

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