Welcome to our 2021 Tomir. Same beauty as before, but with some extra creativity this year!

First on August 11th we harvested 5599 liters of gorgeous fresh and aromatic Sauvignon Blanc that was processed the following morning after chilling over night as always. Then pressed and set to ferment.  

About a week later on the 16th, we harvested 7204 liters of lush and tropical Viognier. After processing a total of 6380 liters was also set to ferment.

Then after fermentation and racking we blended some, but not all of the 2 together in a 42% / 58% proportion of Sauvignon Blanc & Viognier respectively. This means that Tomir 2021 will have a higher proportion of Viognier than 2020. At least for the moment! 

TOTAL = 6380L