Tomir is finding it's perfect balance! 

After last year's rather voluminous and very tropical edition of Tomir we really focused on returning to a more fresh and vibrant style this year which we reached with a perfect picking time and very precise proportion between Sauvignon Blanc and Viognier. 

As always the Sauvignon here provides nerve, freshness/acidity and cooler, greener fruit notes whereas the Viognier gives more tropical fruit, backbone and density to the wine. 

As always handpicked, left to cool overnight before hand-sorting, destemming, pressing and set to settle in the tank to rack the juice off the coarser sediments. Once racked after 1-2 days of settling set to ferment. This year we decided to do a small experiment and do two different fermentation for our Sauvignon Blanc using 2 different types of yeast. This resulted in 2 highly different wines that complimented each other amazingly well when blended together now in spring after some 6 months of resting in the steel vats. They found balance in a, to us, perfect blend with an almost equal part of Viognier. Using two different fermentations of Sauvignon Blanc resulted in a more complex and harmonious Tomir that we are sure you'll enjoy a lot! 

How to best enjoy 2022 Tomir

Tasting note written by Marie

Crisp and vibrant nose with lots of Granny Smith apple, galia melon and Japanese pear. Also honeysuckle and peach. Opens up with ripe lime and strawberries even. Super complex and charming nose. Same vibrant freshness on the palate with lots of lime and apple. Superbly balanced between the freshness from the Sauvignon Blanc and the muscle and depth from the Viognier. Really builds on your palate and has a super long and energetic finish. 

What to serve with Tomir

Salmon carpaccio with cucumber and a caper, olive oil and lemon dressing, or if in an asian mood a salmon ceviche, but raw salmon it is! 

When, where and with whom

This vintage of Tomir is a highly versatile wine and it's both the perfect "terrace wine" served nicely chilled in the sunshine on it's own or with some snacks. However; it also works really well with a wide range of lighter foods, but as mentioned above it works particularly well with raw salmon due to the high acidity of the wine. Most importantly; this is a dynamic happy wine made for joyful moments in spring and summer! 

The basics 


51% Sauvignon Blanc

49% Viognier

Glass type
Riesling / Zinfandel Glass
Serving Temperature
Now and the next 2 years

Riedel Cabernet / Merlot

Decanting is not necessary. However, should you wish to serve this wine in a decanter for aesthectic reasons we recommend this one.

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