Tomir with attitude and nerve! 

As our dear vines get older, so do we the team, and with that more experienced and better and making the wines exactly like we always imagined them. 

This is true more than ever for this year's Tomir. Some years it's been tutti-frutti-yummy like a fruit-salad, other years more opulent and rich and now finally here with the 2023 we have managed in striking the perfect balance! 

We always intended to perfectly balance the fresh, aromatic, vibrant and somewhat green "soul" of the Sauvignon Blanc with the more round, rich and tropical Viognier. Over the years that "play" has resulted in blends with quite varying % of the 2 varieties. Tomir has always been a tricky wine for us to get right, but this year it almost made itself. 

As last year we did 2 different fermentations of the Sauvignon Blanc to have more pieces to use in the "puzzle" and they just happened to fit effortlessly well together with our this year, much more fresh and balanced Viognier in a 63/37% proportion. 

How to best enjoy 2023 Tomir

Tasting note written by Marie

Energetic nose with the most beautiful pure fruit expression. From the Sauvignon Blanc we have white peach, lychee, lime, and daffodils. From the Viognier; apricot, green mango and clementine. 
On the palate it shows the same pure and juicy white stone fruit and it's quite happy and bright on the attack, but then it opens up with a far more serious and deep mid-palate and long finish marked with some spicer notes like nutmeg and white pepper.

What to serve with Tomir

Scallops, pan seared in olive oil, golden on the outside and still raw in the middle. Served on a purée of carrot and topped with green dukkah, heaven!

If you feel like staying on Earth, though still with a divine taste in your mout, try a crispy salad with fennel, endive, carrot, cilantro, walnuts and boiled shrimp. Tossed in a vinaigrette of olive and walnut oil, orange juice and grated peel and a touch of honey. 

When, where and with whom

This vintage of Tomir is a highly versatile wine and it's both the perfect "terrace wine" served nicely chilled in the sunshine on it's own or with some snacks. However; it also works really well with a wide range of foods, not only in light-weight versions. This vintage is broader and more complex and has considerable more power and versatility when it comes to food pairings. 

The basics 


63% Sauvignon Blanc

37% Viognier

Glass type
Riedel Riesling / Zinfandel Glass
Serving Temperature
5-8 C
Now and the next 2 years