Randa; on our quest for Mediterranean Pinot Noir perfection! 

Randa is probably our most complicated wine. A bit of a love-hate story to be honest! Not complicated to enjoy, but complicated to make... Those of you who have been with us from the beginning and remember the first 2 vintages of Randa, will know that they are very different. First came the rich and opulent 2020 and then the fresher, more elegant 2021. Now we are back at the game with our 2022 and finally getting much closer to the Pinot Noir expression we have been aiming for all along. 

Pinot Noir is a notoriously difficult grape variety to work with, not only is it fragile and easily attacked by diseases and plagues of all kinds in the vineyard, it is also VERY fickle in the cellar making us work hard to reach that magical balance we strive for.

We do a very focused work from the very beginning of the growing season to ensure that the sumptous red fruit shines, that the tannins are fine and ripe, that the alcohol doesn't get to high and that the acidity is there, but not agressive.  

With each year passing by, not only do our vines get older and give us more complex and better balanced grapes, we as team also get better at translating the bounty of Nature into wine in the cellar. 

There are so many decisions to take and small things that makes a huge difference and this year we finally managed in getting closer to the big goal. We reached a close to perfect balance in the vineyards, also in terms of yield, which influences concentration and quality of aromas. We picked at the optimal ripeness, both when it came to physical and phenolic ripeness. We pressed the wine off the skins at the just perfect time, which ensures velvety tannins, and did a great job at selecting the right barrels - and number of months therein - for the wine. So without further ado; our 2022 Randa, that we ourselves are quite proud of! 

How to best enjoy 2022 Randa 

Tasting note written by Marie December 17th 2023 

The first whiff of this made me go like " YES! we finally made it!" This sweet and delicious Pinot Noir nose is so beautiful. Wild strawberries, cherries and lots of floral notes of cherry blossom plus a note of orange peel. It smells so juicy and yummy. Pure joy! 

It follows on the palate with the same pure red fruit and vibrancy. There is so much elegance here with these velvety tannins and delicious red fruit notes. Effortlessly sophisticated and VERY Pinot Noir! 

What to serve with Randa

This wine immediately makes me dream about one of the most classical dishes from Burgundy; Bresse chicken with morels! But a oven roasted chicken with a creamy mushroom sauce will make for a worthy companion too! 

When, where and with whom...

This is the wine to open on that peaceful afternoon when you're in a hedonistic mood and want to practice some self-love... And after a few glasses you might want to consider putting on an apron and cooking that chicken!

The boring, but important, stuff

Blend: 100% Pinot Noir 

Glass type
Riedel Veritas Old World Pinot Noir
Serving Temperature
Now and the next 3-4 years

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