Galatzó with a touch of added magic in 2021! 

First we harvested our Chardonnay on August 11th and 12th and processed a total of 4695 liters that ended at 2300 liters set to ferment. (As we press very lightly we always loose around 35-50% of the total amount harvested during processing) 

On August 16th and 17th we brought in a total of 6563 liters of Giro Ros, that after processing resulted in 4250 liters of beautifully textured and structured juice that was set to ferment. 

After the fermentation we decided to blend all the 2300 liters of Chardonnay with 2900 liters of Giro Ros and then added some charm and spice in shape of 1150 liters of Viognier! 

The remaining Giro Ros will go into two 500 liters oak barrels as experiment plus a tiny 250 liters tank for topping up. 

TOTAL= 6370L