Galatzó with soul and body... 

Once again we managed in making a predominantly Chardonnay based Galatzó, but this year with a whole new level of depth and complexity. 

As always Galatzó is our "food white wine" and in order for it to be a both textbook Binivista "likeable" wine and yet with a highly complex core we faced one of the most challenging blending tasks ever. Basically we wanted to make a Dr Jekyl and Mister Hyde wine! 

We spent a LOT of time tasting through our different tanks of Chardonnay and Giro and also some select barrels of Giro intending to add in that layered complexity we wanted. After a serious number of trials and unsuccessful intends we finally got it and the result brought both smiles and goodbumps out. 

So, how did we do it? We "married" 5200L of elegant, pure and well-balanced Chardonnay from tank #27 with 500L of oaky and voluminous, but still fresh Giro from Barrel #73 (mixture of vintages 2022 & 2023), plus 400l of structured Giro from our favorite barrel, namely number #46, and finally 250L of expressive, nutty, spicy and complex Giro from tank #40. 

How to best enjoy 2023 Galatzó

Tasting note written by Marie 

The purest Chardonnay nose with some extra spice and edge from the Giro. Ripe Granny Smith apple, white peach, honeydew melon and clementines at first, then it opens up with fennel seeds and toasted almond. 
On the palate its smooth and velvety and opens up, layer by layer, unfolding with a remarkable complexity. Fresh white stone fruit layered with almost salty mineral notes, some nuttiness and deeper down again some riper more tropical fruit notes. All bound together by a juicy almost creamy acidity. Amazing! 

What to serve with Galatzó

A thick piece of the freshest codfish you can find, pan-friend in generous amounts of butter, served on a bed of finely chopped Pink Crisp apple marinated in lemon juice and topped off with browned butter with chopped roasted hazelnuts. 

Should you be more in the mood for something less fishy then this also works wonders with Malaysian style chicken satay and peanut sauce.

When, where and with whom

As always Galatzó is our "food wine" meaning that it really shines when served with the right food. This does not mean that you cannot enjoy a glass of it on it's own, but due to its structure and complexity it really unfolds its beauty with the right food and in the right wine glass. This is also the white wine you might want to experiment decanting and serve at a bit higher temperature. 

The basics 


82% Chardonnay

18% Giro Ros (mainly 2023 with a tiny bit of 2022)

Glass type
Riedel Viognier / Chardonnay Glass
Yes / No
Serving Temperature
Now and the next 3 years

Riedel Performance

It's not absolutely necessary to decant Galatzó, but it does open up the wine even more, so if you want, have some fun aerating it in this beauty!

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