Our very first red blend from 2021!

During the pre-blending work on our 2021 whites and rosé from in December 2021 we also tasted through all the reds. Both the ones resting in steel tanks and in barrels. None of our reds were blended at this point and as such all resting as the original monovarietals they were born. 

It became very clear to us that we wanted to make a Grenache based red to be released early with all it's young charm and fruity splendor. 

This beautiful fruit forward wine will be bottled together with the whites in spring and reach you together with the coming spring package / Batch #3.

The basics 


90% Grenache, harvested September 6th & 7th 2021 (maturing in steel tank)

10% Merlot, harvested August 19th 2021 (maturing in oak barrel)