Our much loved summer red wine Alaro is growing up!

This is the 3rd vintage of our happy fresh and vibrant summer red wine Alaro that is always released together with our whites and rosé in spring. 

For this wine we always had a very clear vision and thus, the blend has not changed much over the past 3 years. Also this year we opted for a blend of young fresh Grenache from steel tank blended with some select barrels of Merlot aged in wood for only about half a year. 

It might sound easy, but as we have quite a number of barrels of Merlot and they all have unique personalities AND blending them with each other REALLY brings this out, this year it took us 6 attempts to bring out the magic... After a couple of long and nerve-wracking blending sessions in the lab (and possibly a more few grey hairs) we landed on this magnificent blend: 4000L of Grenache from tank #8 plus 500L of each barrels #16, 41, 19 and 69. 

How to best enjoy 2023 Alaro

Tasting note written by Marie 

This really reminds me of the smell of freshly picked wild strawberries, on a summer evening in a Scandinavian forrest. There is also some darker fruit behind there like cherries and blueberries and also crunchy pomme granate seeds. 
On the palate it's a delicious mouthful of fruit. Fresh plums and blueberries at first but then it opens up with a more serious core and finish marked by raw liquorice, cloves and even fresh coffee beans. 

What to serve with Alaro

As always you can enjoy Alaro on it's own, but for this vintage, and especially if you open it right after receiving the bottles now here in the spring, then I'd recommend heading to the kitchen, (well first the butcher), and roll a piece of well-hung tenderloin in coarsely ground coffee beans with a touch of cocoa nibs and fresh rosemary. Grill or sear it shortly at high temperature but leave it raw on the inside. Cut it out tataki style and serve on a bed of steamed broccolini and drizzle with a creamy tahini/miso dressing and sprinkle with black sesame seeds. 

When, where and with whom

As mentioned above this is one of the most versatile red wine you can possibly find and the perfect choice for that glass of wine when you just cannot help it... We ourselves love sipping Alaro while cooking! But also when you have friends over for a pot-luck get-together and need a wine that can handle a bit of everything and is capable of making everyone smile at the same time. 

The boring stuff 


83% Grenache (matured in steel tank)

17% Merlot (matured in oak barrel) 

Glass type
Riedel Cabernet/Merlot Glass
Serving Temperature
Now and the next 2 years