A star is born ... 

Tasting through the Syrah barrels to decide on which ones will pass the test and get chosen to become our Sa Rateta is always a special moment, but this year even more so. This is for sure a moment to remember for our tasting committee! This very special afternoon in September, Søren, Julia and Marie were once again standing around of the table in the lab. In front of them a whole army of tiny sample bottles. Each containing wine from each of our Syrah barrels. They were still high from the morning's tasting session of Pinot Noirs and the room brimmed with excitement. 

Under total silence some glances and smiles were exchanged across the table and at some point Julia and Marie suddenly looked at each other and both pointed at the glass with barrel number 33. It had happened again! Just like in the morning's tasting of Pinot, this barrel was something special and begged to be bottled in it's non-disturbed beauty and thus, became the second wine in our "barrel selection" line and just like the Pinot Noir, bottled in magnum and adorned with clouds on the label. 

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Blend: 100% Syrah

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