Our magic Syrah... One of own favourite wines!

This year we harvested our Syrah on to different dates with 17 days between them. The first part we took in on September 1st and the second on September 17th. This have given us a super complex and very beautiful Syrah this year again.

After chilling the grapes overnight they were handsorted, destemmed and crushed and set to ferment on the skins before being gently pressed and then transferred into their temporary homes, namely 7 beautiful 500l oak barrels from several different coopers to ensure further complexity as each barrel maker (and barrel for that matter!) have different personalities and qualities. 

When we started working on the final blend of our Sa Ratata during summer 2022 some barrels really created magic together and truly embodied what we want Sa Rateta to be. So we quickly decided to put together 7 of a total of 10 barrels for this years Syrah puzzle. So 2021 Sa Rateta is comprised of barrels: #9 #12 #13 #33 #34 #37 and #38. The remaining 3 barrels showed their own specific beauty and were married with some lush merlot for our artist wine... More about that one on it's own page! 

How to best enjoy 2021 Sa Rateta

Tasting note written by Marie November 2022 

And that’s our “baby”... Lush, sensual, spicy, earthy, dark and oh so Syrah! Polished dark nose with wax, honeysuckle, blackberries, crushed black pepper. Opens up with some sweet animal notes like dry aged beef. 

Seamless, bold, big and ultra harmonious on the palate already. This is really a step up from last year! Stunning dark fruit notes paired with a layered texture of smooth but firm tannins and a fabulous ripe acidity breathing life into the wine. 

What to serve with Sa Rateta

This immediately makes me think of barbecued chicken or lamb chops with smoked eggplant and salsa macha! 

When, where and with who...

The ultimate food wine for everything bold, juicy and bloody, but also so beautiful that it can easily just shine on its own. Served in a proper glass with some spiced almonds and olives and Shirley Bassey or Tom Jones  this will kick off your socks! 

What to listen to when enjoying Sa Rateta

Speaking of music we actually took this a step further and created a playlist on Spotify for you to listen to while drinking :-) Slow rhythms and an elegant cadence where various styles intersect coherently from vocal jazz, standards and pop. Divas and crooners intertwined. For 1 hour and 12 minutes you will enjoy a fine selection of music designed specially to make Binivista Sa Rateta shine even brighter! Click here below and let the magic unfold... 


The boring stuff:

Blend: 100% Syrah 

Glass type
Old World Syrah
Serving Temperature
Now and the next 5 years