Our magic and now even more special Sa Rateta ... as always one of our favorite wines

Sa Rateta is one of our "founding fathers", meaning that it is one of the wines we have made since the beginning. It is also one of the few wines that hasn't changed over the years (talking about grape composition) but only has gotten better and better the older our vines get and the better we get at making a great wine of the beautiful grapes they give us. Sa Rateta has since the very beginning been one of our absolute favorite wines, and each year it just keeps getting a notch better. 

This year we have done a great job at selecting the best possible barrels of both our Syrah and our Cabernet Sauvignon and that is really something you can taste. The choice of barrel really makes a HUGE difference. Each year we get better at knowing which cooper, style of barrel, level of toasting and also mix between new and second/third-use barrels that really brings out that sultry, dark and polished soul that we love so much about Sa Rateta! 


How to best enjoy 2022 Sa Rateta

Tasting note written by Marie on December 17th 2023

This wine has such a sexy fruit driven nose! Its highly aromatic and exuberant... tons of dark cherries, red apple and also some beautiful floral notes of apple blossom. All backed up by a dense core of spices like clove and nutmeg, and also a touch sweet pipe tobacco. 

On the palate its super ultra juicy and jam-packed with that lush dark fruit. There is just so much life in this dynamic duo of Syrah and Cabernet. Its the perfect marriage;  an exciting mix of the darker, earthier, more leathery notes of Syrah with the peppery spice, graphite notes and vibrant fruit of the Cabernet. 

Long, velvety and very soulful... 

What to serve with Sa Rateta

Take the best T-bone steak you can get.... throw it on your BBQ or ironcast griddle pan. Make sure it's properly caramelised on the outside and beautifully bloody on the inside. Serve it "a la classique" with a sauce bearnaise, truffle fries and a simple salad with vinaigrette.. Et voilá; paradise on a plate! 

When, where and with who...

Metallica.... Nothing else Matters, out loud... Close your eyes and dance. And when you get hungry, have a glass more and head to the kitchen! ( and cook above mentioned dish... which is basically not cooking, but rather heating up great stuff!) 

The boring stuff:

Blend: 50% Syrah & 50% Cabernet Sauvignon 

Glass type
Riedel Veritas Old World Syrah
Serving Temperature
Now and the next 3-6 years

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