Our very first rosé wine, exciting!

Our vines were only 18 months old at this point and not supposed to carry grapes – let alone enough to make any wine of a decent quality. However, Mother Nature’s blessing of great weather made magic possible. We really witnessed the impact of the quality work we put into preparing the soil, selecting the right plant material as well as the extraordinary attention we have been paying to our vines since they first dug their baby roots in the soil of their new home. So, this is our very first rosé wine. Charming, pure, juicy and the true proof of the enormous potential of our land.

Nature surprised us with a gift, and we could see that a tiny plot of our Grenache was reaching optimal ripeness for a rosé by 9 September, so we decided to pick 700 kg. A tiny, tiny quantity of very fresh, aromatic and über-clean fruit. Grenache love in its purest form. Also, the physical ripeness was on point with a vibrant ripe acidity and lots of charm. Perfect for our very first Grenache rosé.

Perfect Soil

The Grenache parcels immediately north of the winery gave us the perfect fruit. A uniform flowering formed small and homogeneous clusters of healthy grapes. Our unique soils of red clay with a high concentration of limestone rock ensures a fantastic acidity. On the plot where we planted our Grenache the thin subsoil makes the roots grow directly into the limestock rock and provides plenty of freshness to balance up our Mediterranean climate with many hours of sun and mild temperatures.

Gentle winemaking brought out the best

To let our grapes do all the talking we decided to simply handsort, destem, crush

To let our grapes do all the talking we decided to hand-sort, destem, crush and do a gentle slow press to bleed off a bit of the colour from the skin. Moderately slow 15 days of cold fermentation at around 16 °C in steel tanks and a gentle filtering before bottling. Simple and clean winemaking to let the purest expression of our terroir and grapes shine though.

Strawberry driven fresh and vibrant nose. Very energetic and fragrant with notes of apple blossom and peel of red apple. Intense and fresh on the palate with the same pure red berry fruit as the nose. Some typical Grenache spiciness with mild peppery notes carries the wine through the finish with both attitude and purity of fruit. Great for such a young wine.

Our young fresh rosé should be enjoyed in good company

With friends, family or your favourite music. Served on its own or with a selection of snacks. The wine works brilliantly with a typical Spanish plate of tapas and some good bread dipped into fresh green olive oil. Believe us, we have tested and tried this combo many times at the cellar and it’s absolutely gorgeous.

Serving Temperature
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