Our most "perfect" Massanella so far... And yes! We mean it! 

For several reasons actually. One being the aromas and taste obviously, (duh!) but also the fact we managed in marrying Grenache with Pinot Noir this year, and quite a bit of the latter. Finally, this is the first year so far we made two rosé wines, the other being the Art Wine #2, and both are like super good and each with a unique style and personality. Maybe 2023 is our "millésime en rose/é?" 😉

This year we had decided to ferment a part of our rosé-destined Grenache (early harvest) and another with cultured yeast. They came out wildly differently and that's probably one of reasons behind the magnificence of this year's Massanella. We blended both together with our Pinot Noir (cultured yeast) together over a series of highly entertaining and smile provoking blending sessions and finally settled on a blend of 64% Grenache and a whopping 36% of Pinot Noir!  

How to best enjoy 2023 Massanella

Tasting note written by Marie

This nose is just so smile-provoking! Charming, bright and happy notes of crushed strawberries, red apple, apple blossom and crunchy nectarine. Opens up with orange blossom and blood orange. 
On the palate it shows the same fruity/floral notes and is packed with juicy strawberry and ripe orange and clementine. 
This wine comes with a warning, well actually 2. It's impossible not to love and also impossible to spit out! 

What to serve with Massanella

Sunshine, smiles, friends and happy music... Food is not needed here, but when you find yourself opening bottle number 2 or 3 after having danced yourself hungry just reach for some toasted salty almonds, umami rich, but milder raw-milk cheese like "havgus" or a good Comté and maybe a good humus. 

When, where and with whom

I'll repeat myself on purpose... Sunshine, smiles, friends and happy music! 

This wine is all about celebrating life... 

The boring stuff 


94% Grenache

36% Pinot Noir

Glass type
Riedel Riesling/Zinfandel Glass
Serving Temperature
Now and the next 2 years