This is one exciting wine for us. Every great thing we grow and believe in is blended together. Well, at least many of the greatest berries we picked this year. Our wine for anything that can fly... Especially duck and pigeon!

A highly uncommon and unique blend of Grenache, Callet and Syrah in almost equal parts and then spiced up with a tiny dash of Pinot Noir. Just because it tastes great.

The Pinot Noir, Syrah and Grenache have been resting in new 500l French oak barrels (#15, #17, #13 and #7) and the Callet in stainless steel tanks before being blended together in mid October prior to bottling.


How to best enjoy 2020 Santa Magdalena


Tasting note written by Marie on November 22 2021

Polished dark nose with mulberries, plums and dark cherries at first. Then it unfolds with cranberries, eucalyptus, liquorice and graphite. There’s quite a lot going on here! But it’s also a blend of a lot of different varieties.

On the palate it’s welcoming, juicy and round. The lush dark fruit from the nose dominates here with some nice spiciness backing it up. The tannins are smooth and, but present, and provide a great backbone for the wine, together with the ripe and vibrant acidity.

This is a dark, but polished and elegant wine …. It’s like a beautiful elegant lady in a long silk dress! It’s not speaking with its muscles, but its intellect and sophistication. It’s complex, but not heavy.

What to serve with Santa Magdalena

This immediately makes me think of pigeon, the more bloody the better! Served with a classic cherry sauce. On a less extravagant day; juicy, pink duck breast with crispy skin and served with a spinach, pomegranate salad with pinenuts.

How and when to enjoy Santa Magdalena

This drinks already super well after 5-10 minutes in a great wine glass and some swirling, and serve at 16C to bring out all it’s beauty. This will “grow up” and into further harmony over the next 4-6 months and can age happily some 18 months after that, but it’s already delicious so open a bottle a month or every second month (if you can wait!) and follow how it spreads its beautiful wings over time.

The boring (or in this case not so boring!) stuff 

Blend: Now hang on…

26 % Callet, harvested 8 September 2020

31% Grenache, harvested 25 August 2020

35% Syrah, harvested 24 August 2020

8 % Pinot Noir, harvested 4 August 2020


Total volume: 3,700 litres

Glass type
Old World Syrah
Serving Temperature
Now and the next 18 months