2020 Puig de Santa Magdalena 333m

This is one exciting wine for us. Every great thing we grow and believe in is blended together. Well, at least many of the greatest berries we picked this year.

A highly uncommon and unique blend of a co-fermentation of Grenache and Syrah (75/25), matched up by almost equal parts of Callet. Then spiced up with a barrel of Pinot noir and a dash of Merlot. Just because it tastes great.

Now, the different components will each spend some time in either oak or steel before they finally meet sometime mid-next year.

Having tasted the blend already in the laboratory, we’re pretty sure we can reach incredibly heights with this. More to come soon.

Blend: Now hang on…

44% Callet, harvested 8 September 2020

38% Grenache/Syrah, harvested 25 August 2020

15 % Pinot noir, harvested 4 August 2020

3% Merlot, harvested 12 August 2020

Total volume: 3,400 litres