Our very first Art Wine... And what a collaboration (and wine) that resulted in!

From the very beginning we have always wanted to collaborate with some great artists and make a yearly "Art Wine" as result from a creative interchange between our winemaking wizards and the artist. This wine would be made in a limited volume, carry the piece of art on it's label and only be bottled in magnum and sold as a special release to our members. 

So a BIG WELCOME to our very first art wine, a fabulous collaboration between master of colours Peter Skovgaard and our female winemaking magicians. 

The wine was blended just prior to our Grand Opening and served to some lucky guests at the party. Pulled directly from the vat into a decanter, and poured, by the artist himself! 

This wine marvellously encompasses the soul of Peter's stunning painting in a sublime way. It channels the energy and vibrancy of the colours and the texture and structure of his brushstrokes. 

We reached this harmony by paring some of our lush and juicy Merlot with a smaller proportion of our dark and polished Syrah. Nothing more, nothing less... Dare we say that a star is born? 

How to best enjoy Art Wine 2022

Tasting note written by Marie pre-bottling November 23rd 2021

Beautifully lush and vibrant nose with lots of dark berries like blackberry and blueberry jam. Also notes of raw sweet liquorice and candied orange peel. 

Sensual and equally lush on the palate with tons of sweet ripe dark fruit and that very same beautiful orange note. Very juicy and harmonious with ripe and wonderfully chewy tannins. 

Aftertaste is super long and lingering with a superb play between the dark fruit and that delicious orange note. 

What to serve with the Art Wine 

Tagliata of well-aged beef. Served on a bed of rucola, drizzled with chimichurri and served with a salad of spinach/rucola/radicchio with oven roasted carrots rolled in sesameseeds and a creamy tahini dressing with orange peel.

The boring stuff

Blend: 67% Syrah & 33% Syrah


Glass type
Old World Syrah
Serving Temperature
Now and the next 3-4 years