BiniVista does not only focus on making, high-quality wines. We also have 3 other focus areas, namely ART, FOOD and CYCLING.

We are not yet ready with our bicycle concept, with service course, bicycle lending, guided tours, storage and servicing of members' bicycles.

We, on the other hand, are ready with our first bike race, which is part of the race series here in Mallorca. The race is on Sunday 19/6 2022, and there is a 58 km route and a 108 km route (Elite).

Here is the link to the route: THE ROUTE

The race starts and ends in Sineu, but the route is laid into the vineyard so that the ridres gets past the new vineyard.

If you would like to participate or watch the bike race from the terraces of the vineyard, send an email to Participation for BiniVsita Family members is free (requires license but option for one-day license).

The race will also be streamed and we will post the link as soon as we have this.