The best of the best of our Pinot Noir! 

This is probably one of the most exciting wines we have made so far... And it was born during one of the most magical blending sessions ever! That moment will be forever remembered by the blending committee of Søren, Julia and Marie. 

So, this is how it all unfolded! 

During the first "serious" barrel tasting in early autumn, when we start deciding on the blends of our reds, we as always started with all our Pinot Noir barrels. It was very clear that this vintage of Pinot Noir was really something! A much more homogeneous quality across all barrels and such a beautiful Pinot fruit and the silkiest tannins. Huge smiles all around the table in the lab where we do these tastings. 

3 barrels, however, stood out. They were just SO much better than the other, already pretty great, ones.  These 3 barrels, number 1, 3 and 8 just had that special magic to them and Marie boldly suggested that we tried blending just those 3 together to make a "Super Pinot". Together it was like they got even better. Pure magic! 

A decision was quickly made to bottle these 3 barrels as a new wine, and with that "barrel selection" a new line of wines were born. Unique barrels that will get bottled in magnums and 75cl and carry skies on their label instead of mountains. 

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Blend: 100% Pinot Noir 

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