Cycling and wines on Saturday 18/3 - Tour de BiniVista

It was my passion for cycling that originally brought me to Mallorca - today I spend most of my time in Mallorca and cycling is still a big part of my DNA, but wine has become an almost equally big passion as cycling to me. Therefore, Binivista is also both wine and cycling and it is actually a really nice combination.

On Saturday 18/3 we are hosting our first cycling event in 2023 – Tour de BiniVista, which of course is a combination of cycling and wine.

In collaboration with Pas Normal, Rapha, Palma and BikeFort, we head out on different routes in Mallorca and all end up at the winery for wine and tapas at 12.00.

We at BiniVista meet at the winery at 8.00 and then roll over to BikeFort and from there head out on a 3 hour ride with the BikeFort group.

Everyone is invited - check out Pas Normal and Rapha for yourself - or ride with us from the winery in Biniali or directly from BikeFort

For practical reasons, please register no later than this Friday at 11.00 - either at or +4531233090 or directly to Pas Normal, Rapha or BikeFort.

You can find BikeFort HERE