Invitation - Opening of the exhibition "Fruit on Earth" by Kirsa Andreasen on Friday 29th Of March 2024

The most important thing for us is of course to make some fantastic wines, but from the very start we built our values and activities around 4 pillars, our passions, which besides wine are cycling, art and food.

So speaking of art; we are very proud to be able to announce our 2nd Easter exhibition, where we launch both the Artwork of the Year and our new Art-Wine.

We were so lucky to have the Danish artist Kirsa Andreasen living at the estate for some time last year, and her visit resulted in a series of images inspired by our estate, its vineyards and Mallorca in general.

Invitation to the Easter exhibition

We would like to invite you to the Easter exhibition on Friday 29th of March beginning at 14.00. In addition to a presentation of the Year's Artwork and an opportunity to greet Kirsa Andreasen, we will of course also serve the new Art Wine, that’s perfectly matched to and inspired by Kirsa’s work. This will be followed by a cozy get-together with tapas/BBQ and most probably also live music and a DJ.

The program is as follows:

Part I

14.00 Welcome and tasting of the Art Wine of the Year
15.30 Kirsa Andreasen and gallerist Kent Wolfsen present the Artwork of the Year


Part II

16.30 A tasting of 3 "secret wines"
18.00 Serving of Tapas/BBQ
19.30 Music and entertainment
23.00 Goodnight (+/-)

It is free to participate in the first part, but if you want to participate in the second part and the subsequent Easter party the price is EUR 30/person, which we kindly ask you to pay here:: SIGNUP or by transferring DKK 225 to Mobilepay 31233090.

If you do not register via the above link, please register as soon as possible and no later than March 25th 2024 at stating the full name of all the persons you register, and preferably also a telephone number.

 Kirsa Andreasen

As many of you probably know, Søren has been collecting art for many years, and has been a big fan of Kirsa for more than 15 years. So it kind of laid in the cards for Kirsa to be "persuaded" to become part of BiniVista's art world.

For those of you who don't know Kirsa the gallerist Georg Mathiasen has described it very well, namely that "entering the universe of Kirsa, it's almost like taking a journey into yourself. There are areas that are familiar and also areas that are experienced as a journey into an unknown continent. It draws you in as you feel the importance and necessity of the artist's work, as well as the resonance that arises in us when we stand in front of Kirsa's works. It requires courage and openness to engage in "dialogue" with the works, which are created with a completely unique view of the necessary interaction between nature and man."

And continues "Kirsa's work comes from a registering and sensitive mind that picks up all the nuances of life that arise in us throughout our lives. They contain love, sadness, wonder, fascination and hope."

And ends, that "Kirsa Andreasen has her own personal and unique expression, which she masters and develops. You can feel her fascination with nature's mysteries and gifts to us. She manages in creating her own universe in balance between inner and outer life. An expression which is so personal that it does not have a national point of view. It is an expression that is like a shared "language and narrative" that is universal in its completely unique expression."

Inspired by Mallorca - Fruit on Earth

As mentioned, Kirsa lived at the estate in August last year, in the middle of the busy harvest, and the exhibition is inspired by this stay.

Kirsa herself says "that I, on her "field trips" among the ripe grapevines and  in the surrounding area, gathered inspiration for many works. I brought with me home a special memory of the fruit of the earth, the abundant fertility Mallorca's red soil offers. Colors, scents that belong only to Mallorca."

She recalled the time when she herself lived in Catalonia and also for a brief period in Mallorca.

Kirsa has put these words together and the rest speaks for itself in her works.

Fruit on Earth

They wait,
row after row
in a cloudy pink haze.


The hike,
excitement under the burning sun.
weighted down by the ripe fruit .

About to burst on the vines.
                   Dry on the ground.
The hare jumps,
over waves of green waves,
over rust red earth,
over flowing water.

Fertile land.

                   Fruit on Earth… 

This is the Artwork of the Year (La Musa de Biniali), which is also the label of the Art Wine of the Year, and in addition to being able to buy the art wine, this year it will again be possible to buy the artwork as a print and poster.

Get ready for a fantastic exhibition and cornucopia for all the senses.


We are looking forward to seeing you. 

Joan, Marie, Søren, Joan, Julia og Bibi