A whole new Santa Magdalena!

Last year's Santa Magdalena was red... And here we have a white one! So why? Well; we very simply decided to make and new and different "Santa Magdalena" each year to keep experimenting and by that, perfecting our craft of winemaking! 

This year we wanted to make our very first pure Giro Ros. Giro Ros is our favourite local white grape variety... Well; when you look at the ripe grapes upon harvest its actually more multi-colored, and many berries have a pink/reddish hue. However, we make this wine without skin contact to produce a white wine. 

This year's Santa Magdalena also kind of invented itself like many of our other wines. During the last blending sessions for the other whites we decided to add a much smaller than usual proportion of Giro Ros to our Galatzó and even from a former vintage, namely 2021! This left us with all the Giro Ros from 2022 and also some more from 2021 without a home so we got creative... Again! We all agreed that the Giro really benefits from some ageing in barrel, but only like 2-3 months and in a couple of different barrels as it really gives the wine a unique profile. The Giro in general also benefits from additional ageing in tank so what we intend to do with our Giro for the coming years is always keeping one part back for another year and ageing in 500l barrels for a couple of months, then transferring back to steel vats. As if we did not have enough "cellar Tetris" already! This gives us different styles of Giro Ros wines to play from in our "library", both for blending with other varieties and for blending with each other. 

This year during our final blending session we tried mixing 85% of our young and fresh Giro from 2022 with 15% from 2021 and magic happened. 

Here you have Giro Ros in all it's authentic and charming Mallorquin beauty! Light, bright, vibrant and very food friendly! 

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