Our new freestyle blend of white favourites! 


As with many of our wines this one was born out of a need for getting creative when we looked at what was left in our tanks after finishing our "normal" blends. This year we found ourselves with quite a bit of both Viognier, Giro Ros, Viognier-Giro Ros already blended (aka VioGio internally) and some Chardonnay. So as always we went ahead and tried to see if luck was on our side and we could just put it all together! 

This year we were not so lucky and it took quite a bit of adjusting and fine tuning till we liked what was in our glass... But we got there though a whole lot of tasting sessions and discussions and ended up quite fond of the result! A whole new and very different white blend. 

A fresh and unique take on a white wine that beautifully blends together the vibrant and juicy fruit from the Viognier with the spicy nutty character of the Giro Ros all lifted up by the refreshing acidity and purity of the Chardonnay.

How to best enjoy 2023 Vi Gi Ch

Tasting note written by Marie

What to serve with Vi Gi Ch

When, where and with whom

The boring, but important, stuff


68% Viognier

21% Giro Ros 

11% Chardonnay