Clarification is a step in the winemaking process that proceeds bottling. We clarify the wines to remove any suspended material created via chemical reactions during the winemaking process. They are insoluble and float around in the wine, creating a cloudy, dull appearance. On some occasions, the particles can change the flavour and aroma of the wine which we by no means want. Our wines should be crisp and clear when we bottle them.

Clarification involves various methods and processes for cleaning the wine:

  1. Fining: using certain fining agents, usually protein based, to create bonds with the floating particles and make larger clumps that are easy to remove.
  2. Filtering: using a filter to catch the larger particles.
  3. Centrifugation: high-speed spinning to force the particles out of the wine.
  4. Refrigeration: using temperature reduction to prevent the growth of yeast and evolution of carbon dioxide.