Natural cork is the only right choice for us.

Wine and cork are products that have emerged from nature and from the history of mankind. They have been united for centuries and have taken a long time to achieve their greatest expression.

The properties of flexibility and impermeability in natural corks made from the cork oak allow them to adapt perfectly to the bottle neck, sealing it completely so that none of the organoleptic qualities of the wine are lost before they reach the glass.

Cork is one amazing raw product and contributes to so much more than keeping your wine happy.

The cork oak forests, of which a vast majority are to be found in Portugal and locally called the Montados, contribute with a vast arrow of beautiful things. They preserve biodiversity, create more than 9,000 jobs in Portugal alone and absorb incredible amounts of carbon dioxide, even after the bark is harvested and used to preserve wine.

Next time you open one of our bottles, look at that cork for a minute and remember that it retains around 300 g of carbon dioxide. You’re holding a piece of natural beauty in your hand.