The king of autochthonous Mallorquin grapes. Unless you ask Callet below who will want to claim that throne, too. It’s the most widely planted indigenous variety on the island and believed to be a half-sibling to Callet. We already now see great results with Manto negro and can only dream of what the future will bring.

Manto Negro is found exclusively on Mallorca and it’s often used in blends with Callet.

Manto Negro buds early and ripens very late, and it’s usually one of the varieties that we pick the last, though not as late as Callet. It produces average size clusters of large, thick-skinned grapes that are quite resistant to both downy and powdery mildew. Usually, the vines do not go through veraison completely with some berries on a cluster never getting darker than a pale pink shade. It can be very productive in fertile soils, but it performs perfectly well-balanced in stony soils like ours at BiniVista.