The winery

As you know, our present winery is temporary and we’re going to build a new state of the art winery that provides us with optimal conditions for producing high-quality wines.

We started in 2018

We started this process three years ago, and the journey has been long and hard – and sometimes frustrating. There are more rules and different authorities to consult than we had expected.

Saved by the temporary winery

Luckily, we decided in due time to restore the old building on the estate and create a temporary winery for the 2020 and 2021 harvest. I can’t imagine how we could have handled this year’s harvest without this winery. It’s a perfect place for making wine, and we have installed the very best equipment.

We need a bigger winery

However, we will soon need the new winery as next year’s harvest will exceed the capacity of our temporary one. Here, we can only process 60,000 kg of grapes and already this year we have reached 40,000 kg.

Received the licence

We are therefore very happy to announce that we have received the final approvals for the new winery, and we expect to start building within two months. Our hopes are that the winery will be ready end of 2021 and in due time for the 2022 harvest.

Building our dream of a winery

This is great news for us and we can’t wait to get started. It will be a dream making wine in the 3,000 square metres modern winery situated in the middle of our beautiful vineyards. Our family members can already look forward to the grand opening event.