Sauvignon Blanc love bottled!

Our baby vines had only been allowed to adapt to their new home for a mere 18 months when they decided to gift us with the very first grapes. A surprise in itself, and even more so, that the grapes were of a quality that made us decide to process them and try to make wine from them. So, meet our very first white wine. Fresh, aromatic, packed with energy and destined to make you a Sauvignon blanc believer.

We didn’t expect grapes of the quality we were able to bring into our cellar on 2 September. 500 kg of clean fruit and with an aromatic expression that can only be expected from grapes from much older vines. Also, the physical ripeness was on point and resulted in an ideal alcohol level and a well-balanced acidity. Perfect for our very first Sauvignon blanc.

Sauvignon blanc as it’s meant to be

The Sauvignon Blanc parcel is placed north-east on the outskirts of the estate on a rather limestoney and rocky piece of land. We wanted a profound, aromatic expression of the variety, but without the exaggerated ’tutti-frutti’ notes it can get in warm climates, and also without any of the green, unpleasant notes some relate to as ’cat pee’. So, this parcel was chosen due to its soil and exposition. Here, we find that our Sauvignon blanc reaches the perfect balance between aromatic intensity, ripe and dense acidity and a good structure.

We let the grapes do the talking

To let our grapes do all the talking we decided to harvest and sort our grapes by hand, destem them, crush them and do a gentle press. A moderately slow and cold fermentation at 16 °C for 16 days in steel tanks and a gentle filtering before bottling. Simple and clean winemaking to let the purest expression of our terroir and grapes shine though.

Spicy nose packed with white peach, crushed white pepper, nutmeg and vanilla. Vibrant, fresh and charming.

Fresh and addictively juicy on the palate. Rounded acidic structure and an astonishing complexity and harmony for the age of the vines. Focus, personality and drinkability.

Open a bottle of this beauty when you’re in the mood for anything veggie

Try making a typical ’Coca Mallorquina’ with tomatoes, aubergine, onion, zuccini, bell peppers, well basically anything Mediterranean and in season. It also works wonders with a crisp green salad with goat cheese (the picture perfect partner for Sauvignon blanc) walnuts and a mustard vinaigrette. The thought itself make us hungry.