Sauvignon Blanc in perfect partnership with Viognier!

For 2020 we decided to co-ferment our Viognier with our Sauvignon blanc. We harvested both on 7 August and had 2,237 kg of Sauvignon and 2,633 kg of Viognier.

Then after some months in the tank we decided to add another 1000 liters of Sauvignon Blanc from our winemaker Jaume's private vineyards to beef up the % of Sauvignon Blanc and add further freshness and vibrance to the wine. 

We decided to blend Viognier and Sauvignon Blanc to create a highly original wine, as the more tropical side of Viognier, its structure and weight, adds a great backbone and complexity to the fresh, more green-fruity and herbal Sauvignon blanc. Having tasted the wine from the tanks we have great expectations that you will all love it as much as we do. 


We let the grapes do the talking

To let our grapes do all the talking we decided to harvest and sort our grapes by hand, destem them, crush them and do a gentle press. A moderately slow and cold fermentation at 16 °C for 16 days in steel tanks and a gentle filtering before bottling. Simple and clean winemaking to let the purest expression of our terroir and grapes shine though.

Expressive nose with lots of tropical fruit like ripe pineapple, green mango and peel of ripe lime fruit. With a bit of air it opens up with blood orange, orange blossom and juicy ripe lemon.

On the palate it’s vibrant and energetic. Packed with ripe citrus fruit and juicy peach. Lovely backbone from the dense yet ripe orangey acidity and really good length. 

This beauty calls for sole with lemon butter and capers

Or basically any panfried lean white fish, but we insist on the butter-lemon-caper combo! If you're in the mood for something less fishy we'd suggest a "escalivada", or basically any typical Mediterranean veggie dish...

This is also a wine that's guaranteed to put a smile on your face all by itself, preferably under the spring sun! 

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