2020 Puig Tomir 1104m

For 2020 we decided to co-ferment our Viognier with our Sauvignon blanc. We harvested both on 7 August and had 2,237 kg of Sauvignon and 2,633 kg of Viognier.

We decided to add the Viognier to the Sauvignon to create a highly original blend, as the more tropical side of this variety, its structure and weight, adds a great backbone and complexity to the fresh, more green-fruity and herbal Sauvignon blanc. Having tasted the wine from the tanks we have great expectations that you will all love it as much as we do.


Blend: 55% Viognier and 45% Sauvignon blanc.

Harvested: 7 August 2020

Total volume: 2,700 litres