For our love of Pinot Noir! Deep, rich and amazing as "meditation - wine" or with equally bold and rich dishes! 

We picked a very selected crop of fully ripe Pinot noir grapes on August 5th. A total of 6,787 kg of pure beauty! The grapes were extremely healthy and well-balanced and little selection at the sorting table was needed. All that hard work in the vineyards throughout the growing season really paid off. After crushing and fermenting, the wine was gently pressed and this resulted in a total of 4,450 litres of fragrant, enticing young Pinot that first went through malolactic fermentation and then rested for a 8 months of beauty sleep in new 500l French oak barrels in order to reach perfection. (Total of 8 barrels) On the last days of September we carefully tasted through all barrels together and decided which ones we not only liked the best, but also which ones that suited best together! Barrels #1 #3 #4 #5 and #8 somehow complimented each other really well. One brining a vibrant freshness, another a deep tannin structure and yet some others delicious fruit and spice. 

This vintage Nature had presented us with a small challenge. There was a spike in temperature just before the harvest that made the potential alcohol % increase to a level that we try to avoid as we like fresh, vibrant wines. Especially our Pinot Noir we want to keep a 13,5% maximum, but in 2020 it ended at 15%... We were a bit scared about this in the beginning, but the wine has found its balance after those months in oak. 

How to best enjoy 2020 Randa 

Tasting note written by Marie on November 22nd 2021

Oh wow! I just had to write that. There’s so much going on here. Strawberry jam of the very best kind made from wild berries, almond- and orange blossom, menthol liquorice, candied orange peel and dark ripe cherries. This really opens up with some air so be patient with it in the right glasses or decant it 30-60 min before serving it. Juicy, impressive, bold and beautiful on the palate. This is a big wine with a lot of everything! It’s packed with fruit, both red and darker berries. The tannins are firm but of super high quality and beautifully integrated already. The acidity is high, but breathes a wonderful freshness and energy into the wine and will help it mature into something even bigger and more beautiful.

What to serve with Randa

My first thought here was that this is a wine that I’d love to enjoy on it’s own! With the right music and human company ;-) A meditation wine if you wish. But it will most definitely also make the partner partner for your Christmas duck with all the traditional trimmings. It has both the sweet fruit, tannin and acidity to handle even the red cabbage. On a less Christmassy moment I’d cook a BIG and well matured “Chuleton” on the bone. Seared hard on the surface and bloody in the core. Let the fat marbling create magic with the acidity of the wine and serve with some simple grilled vegetables and drizzle with plenty of the freshest olive oil you can get your hands on…. Heaven!

How and when to enjoy Randa

So I obviously just recommended that you should enjoy this now this very Christmas, in like a month from now. It’s however also the one of these four wines that will benefit most from ageing so my recommendation here is open 1-2 bottles for Christmas, but decant them 2-3 hours before serving and serve at no more than 18C. Keep the rest of the bottles for at least another 3-4 months before continuing having fun with them and drink them over the next 3-4 years, if you can wait that long! One last note about Randa. Due to a very gentle filtration there might be a bit of deposit in these bottles. The best way to handle this is very simply to pour the last couple of centimeters very slowly and just stop when the sediment starts to show. 

The boring stuff

Blend: 100% Pinot Noir - Harvested: 5 August - Total volume: 2500 litres
Glass type
New World Pinot Noir
Serving Temperature
Now and the next 3-4 years