For our love of Pinot Noir!

We picked a very selected crop of fully ripe Pinot noir grapes on August 5th. A total of 6,787 kg of pure beauty! The grapes were extremely healthy and well-balanced and little selection at the sorting table was needed. All that hard work in the vineyards throughout the growing season really paid off.

After crushing and fermenting, the wine was gently pressed and this resulted in a total of 4,450 litres of fragrant, enticing young Pinot that first went through malolactic fermentation and then rested for a 8 months of beauty sleep in new 500l French oak barrels in order to reach perfection. (Total of 8 barrels)

On the last days of September we carefully tasted through all barrels together and decided which ones we not only liked the best, but also which ones that suited best together! 

Barrels #1 #3 #4 #5 and #8 somehow complimented each other really well. One brining a vibrant freshness, another a deep tannin structure and yet some others delicious fruit and spice. 

A proper tasting note will follow as soon as the wine has been bottled in late October but this is really something! 

Blend: 100% Pinot Noir 

Harvested: 5 August 

Total volume: 2500 litres