2020 Puig de Randa 540m

For our love of Pinot and Callet. An unusual marriage, but just wait and taste for yourself. This will be the ’new black’.

First, we picked a very selected crop of fully ripe Pinot noir grapes. A total of 6,787 kg of beauty. The grapes were extremely healthy and well-balanced and little selection at the sorting table was needed. All that hard work in the vineyards throughout the growing season really paid off.

After crushing and fermenting, the wine was gently pressed and this resulted in a total of 4,450 litres of fragrant, enticing young Pinot that will now go through malolactic fermentation and then most likely a short period of beauty sleep in oak in order to reach perfection.

Then we decided to bring in our Callet and harvested a total of 7,774 kg that we processed the following day.

The two young wines are still only ’dating’ as the Pinot will see a short élevage in new French 500 litre barrels, while the Callet will rest in steel tanks. Sometime next summer they will finally be joined in holy matrimony for all our members to enjoy.

Blend: Pinot Noir and Callet 50/50

Harvested: Pinot on 5 August and Callet on 8 September 2020

Total volume: 7,900 litres (3,950 litres of Pinot and 3,950 litres of Callet)