An international love affair between Giró Ros, Chardonnay and Callet!

On August 10th we decided it was time to harvest the grapes for our second white blend. We picked a total of 2,437 kg of our superstar white Mallorquin variety Giró Ros and 4,496 kg of Chardonnay.

The two sisters were co-fermented to bond from the very beginning and what a bond that is. Structure, minerality, freshness and tons of attitude. We have great expectations for our first vintage of Puig de Galatzó that also received a small kiss of spice from our pale colored Callet just before bottling!

We always let the grapes do the talking, so... 

This year we simply couldn't help adding in that tiny bit of extra structure and spice from our pale skinned Callet. So after the Chardonnay/Giró Ros blend and the Callet had both gone though our normal ultra gentle and puristic winemaking process we decided to blend them together just before bottling. 

Ripe and deep nose with vineyard peach, red apple and wild strawberries. The wine opens up with some more tropical notes like dried papaya and even some spicy notes like nutmeg and crushed white pepper. 

Full and round on the palate with lots of ripe tropical fruits like pineapple and passion fruit. Layered and complex on the palate with an exciting play between ripe fruit and spiciness. A wonderful backbone of ripe acidity ties it all together and carries the wine through the long finish. 

Now it's time to start cooking!

So get the freshest turbot you can possibly find and simply grill it and serve with a generous dash of olive oil, salt and lemon. Or serve with "gildas" (basque style tapas skewers with pickled green chili, olives and anchovies), Buñuelos de bacalao or chipirones; both with that generous squeeze of lemon... Cured manchego cheese would also be great here! 

Serving Temperature
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