Teix; our "local" beauty... 

Teix is one of the wines that has been with us since the beginning, and this vintage is now already the 3rd we make. How time flies!

We have changed the composition of this wine quite a bit over the years, but was has never changed is the always rather important proportion of Callet. We have always wanted Teix to be a wine with a "local soul" and thus, with a strong Callet personality. The first vintage it was blended in equal proportions with Pinot Noir. The second year we paired the Callet with quite a lot of Grenache( 56%)  and a touch of Merlot (7%).

This year we have managed in reaching a majestic 93% of Callet backed up by only 7% Merlot to add in a bit of sexiness. 

Teix always have to be a happy, lighter and easy to drink wine and this year it is not only that, but also very "Mallorquin" in it's expression, which we adore! 

How to best enjoy 2022 Teix

Tasting note written by Marie

A poetic nose showing the true beauty of Callet. Just like we always wanted with this wine. Raw liquorice, raspberry, cranberry, pomegranate, sour red cherries, oh so fragrant! 

On the palate it's almost sweet, yet so fresh. Authentic is the first word that comes to mind really! It shows such and earthy, tobacco-like note on par with this fresh red fruit. Light, yet full of flavour and with a smoky note in the finish. 

What to serve with Teix

Cecina (or Italian Bresaola) ... thinly sliced, generous amounts of good fresh olive oil, some parmesan and chopped macadamia nuts and you've found heaven! Simple, but good. 

When, where and with whom

Anytime when you need a wine to make your food taste better! 

The boring, but important, stuff

Blend: 93% Callet & 7% Merlot

Glass type
Riedel Veritas Old World Syrah
Serving Temperature
Now and the next 2 years

Decanting is not necessary

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