Perfecting our craft...

Why fix it if it ain't broken? Our Grenache rosé from 2019 was so delicious that we wanted to make it again. Just even better this second vintage, so we added a touch of local Mallorcan spice in shape of Callet! But only blended in just before bottling.

We harvested the Grenache in two batches from different plots in order to get even more complexity and reach the perfect balance and play between freshness, sweet ripe fruit and structure.

Cold settling, short maceration and a very gentle press have given us just what we wanted and we can’t wait to present our second attempt at making the most quaffable rosé ever.

Gentle winemaking brought out the best

To let our grapes do all the talking we decided to hand-sort, destem, crush and do a gentle slow press to bleed off a bit of the colour from the skin. Moderately slow 15 days of cold fermentation at around 16 °C in steel tanks and a gentle filtering before bottling. Simple and clean winemaking to let the purest expression of our terroir and grapes shine though.

Charming nose with lots of ripe strawberry, apple juice and apple blossom. Opens up with some white peach, skin of aromatic ripe Fuji apple and a touch of sweeter notes of honeysuckle.

Wonderfully juicy and charming on the palate as well with the same lovely strawberry notes and also lots of riper apple notes and good depth. The wine unfolds on the palate with an almost spicy note of blood orange and some white pepper. This is really complex for a rosé and super food friendly. 

Our young fresh rosé should be enjoyed in good company

With friends, family or your favourite music. Served on its own or make a salad with pink grapefruit, gambas and a sweet/sour citrus vinaigrette or a tuna carpaccio with a vibrant lime/sesame/ginger dressing and add a dash of sweetness from teriyaki sauce. 

Serving Temperature
Now and the next 12 months