Blending is at the heart of many great wines, be they from Mallorca, Bordeaux, Champagne, or elsewhere

It’s one of the reasons that some of us winemakers compare our work in the cellar to that of a chef in a great restaurant.

But we winemakers don’t just blend grape varieties. For example, wines can also be a blend of single vineyard parcels, different harvest dates, different tanks, barrels and fermentations! 

Blending wines gives us more control of certain aspects. Just like when creating a delicious dish in the kitchen, we play with and aim for the perfect balance between freshness, structure, different flavour characteristics, boldness, tannin, ageability and much more. 

We use blending to marry these elements depending on what kind of wine we want to make. At Binivista a whole other level of complexity is added to this process as we wish to have almost equal amounts of each wine we produce and also for them to be ready for either the spring or the autumn batch. 

We sometimes decide on blends as early as when we pick the grapes and sometimes co-ferment some varieties. But usually we decide on blends either right after fermentation or after maturing in oak/steel prior to bottling.

For example now in OCT 2021 we just finished the blends of our 4 reds from last year before they are being bottles in some weeks.

But we also already decided on the blends of our 2 whites and rosé that will reach our dear members in spring next year!